Bankruptcy & Collections



  • For Debtors
    • Filing bankruptcy is a serious decision but should not come with shame.  It exists in our legal system to help those overburdened start anew, or to reorganize their debts so that they can be successful going forward.
    • Our attorneys have experience assisting debtors in filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petitions.  We have represented both individuals and small business in the bankruptcy courts and can help evaluate your case.
  • For Creditors
    A bankruptcy filing by a debtor creates serious implications for their creditors, as well as several deadlines in most cases.  Our attorneys have represented both debtors and creditors in bankruptcies and bring that valuable “big picture” experience to our clients’ cases.  We are available to assist with:

    • Explanations and recommendations based on debtor’s treatment of your claim
    • Objections to classification of claim, debtor’s treatment in a proposed plan
    • Motions for Relief from Stay, Objections to Discharge, Motions to Convert or Dismiss
    • Adversary Complaints
    • Domesticating Foreign Trustees / Chapter 15


At Giuliano Law we have valuable experience collecting on behalf of our clients.  Rather than approach each matter as “one-size, fits all,” we assist clients in developing a collections strategy that is sensitive to both their needs and wallet.  We have experience collecting on behalf of clients in several different scenarios, including:

    • Condominium / HOA collections
    • Contractor Collections
    • Construction Liens
    • Mechanic's Liens
    • Unpaid invoices

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This firm may, from time to time, act as a debt collector.  Any information received may be used to further the collection of such debts.  You have a right to dispute the amount of the debt alleged if you receive correspondence seeking collection.